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Hey there!

✿ I am Bojana Stojanovic, the creator of Auvrea Studio, specializing in children's books and surface pattern design. I bring my love of children's literature to life through whimsical illustrations, playful patterns, and charming designs, combining texture, handmade elements, and color, spreading beauty and joy, and celebrating animals and nature. My art is a reflection of my love for the natural world and my desire to bring its beauty to life on paper. I strive to capture the unique characteristics of each animal and plant that I draw.

✿ As the owner and creator of Auvrea Studio, I bring my unique vision to every project. From concept to the final product, I pour my heart and soul into every piece of artwork.

My work has been featured in various publications and exhibitions, and my clients include both independent authors and major publishing houses. 


✿ Through my art, I hope to transport you to a magical world filled with wonder and beauty. I invite you to discover the magic of Auvrea Studio and my art.


✿ If you're curious about my current projects, head over to my Instagram @auvrea_illustration to see more behind-the-scenes and work in progress.

Thank you for visiting my website and

I look forward to sharing my art with you.


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Explore a curated selection of Auvrea's pattern and illustration design in a variety of themes

Check out some of my recent projects like books, visuals for theatre plays, collaborations, etc.

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For The most beautiful children's book on 63rd International Belgrade book fair for the edition "Princess Sofija" published by Kreativni centar



  • 50th Golden pen of Belgrade - 15th international Biennial of Illustration (Serbia)

  • 27th Biennial of Illustrations Bratislava (BIB) 2019.

  • Bookill festival - Book Illustration festival Serbia 2019.

  • Ilustrofest - Festival of Illustration 2019.

  • Exibition in hole, Belgrade Polytechnic 2019.

  • Bologna Children's Book Fair 2020.

  • 51th Golden pen of Belgrade (Serbia)

  • COW International Design Festival - COW 2020 ILLUSTRATION BIENNALE Ukraine 2021.

  • Zakorači u našu priču Belgrade 2021.

Selected clients

  • Little Theatre "Duško Radović"

  • Radio Television of Serbia

  • Kreativni centar

  • Laguna

  • Femix fest

  • The good and the beautiful

  • Amesgile

  • Mi Casa es tu Casa

  • Palabras Aladas

      and many more

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